Embedding Guidelines

Please do not upload your video using the upload button at the bottom of the Submission Form – To embed, you must first upload your video content to YouTube – and here is a video telling you how.

Once you have your YouTube account, and your video is uploaded to YouTube, your video is given a YouTube URL – an address on the internet.

– For video placement in your doc or pdf file submission, please type your YouTube URL into the place in your document you want it to appear when your submission is published.

– If your your submission is a stand-alone video with only a title and description, such as, a video interview or field recording – there is a more direct way to submit it.  You may embed the your video into the Content Description area on the AG submission form right after the description is made, using the YouTube URL of your video.   Important:  Make sure the YouTube URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).

Below is a video embed example, using YouTube services: