Image preparation

If you upload very large images to our website, our website will slow down when those images are viewed by our visitors.

The solution is for users submitting images to learn how to optimize (trim images down to size) before they are uploaded.  How should you optimize your images for the Attakapas Gazette site?

– Identify the image you want to upload. This could be your own image, or one you have permission to use like a stock photo.
– Copy the image so that you keep the original. (It’s very important to keep the original image.)
– Rename the copy with a name that means something.
– Identify the maximum width you want the image to have. The Attakapas Gazette requires a max width of 1500 pixels
– Go to a photo editing tool and make your photo that width. Keep the proportions so your image does not stretch.
– Save and then upload with your content.

You can use a program to crop and resize image files. Here are some entry level options you can try:

Mac: use Preview, iPhoto, Photo (use Tools, Adjust Size and then Export to save as a JPG)  or PIXresizer – it’s free
Cloud Tool: get a free subscription to Canva
Windows: FastStone or PIXresizer (both free)