AHA Records

A list of the Attakapas Historical Association Records that were being stored in the University of Louisiana’s archives can be found here by clicking on this link.  One of the newly revived AHA’s goals is to digitize all of these records and make them available online as a searchable archive from anywhere on the Internet.

Described as:

Collection 110
Attakapas Historical Association. Records, 1956-1976, n.d. 2 ft., 1 in.

The Attakapas Historical Association was founded in 1966 in St. Martinville, Louisiana. This nonprofit organization was formed to study history, genealogy, traditions, and landmarks in St. Martin, St. Mary, Iberia, and Lafayette Parishes, and was to work with any group or individual who recognized the importance of historical materials and objects. The first large project undertaken was to restore the Darby House in New Iberia, Louisiana. They also worked with other projects as well.

This collection contains correspondence, membership records, publications, financial and general records, and meeting materials.

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