The Attakapas Gazette is the fifty-plus-year-old publication of The Attakapas Historical Association, whose mission is to provide a public platform for the collection, procurement, preservation and exchange of significant facts, records, documents, and materials relevant to the history, genealogy, landmarks, and traditions of the central Acadiana region of South Louisiana.

“For decades, the Attakapas Gazette served as the leading journal of local history, culture, and genealogy for the southwestern Louisiana. It’s content provided valuable insight into our area’s peoples and their lives.  It is wonderful news that it is now reemerging in a new, yet no less significant, form.”

—Dr. Michael Martin, Director of the Center for Louisiana Studies

“I can say I’ve literally examined every page of the Attakapas Gazette’s numerous back issues:  I made sure to do so when researching my most recent book, because one never knows when the Gazette will yield of gem of vital historical, genealogical, or anthropological data.”

—Dr. Shane K. Bernard, Author and Historian