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JACQUES BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE and MARIE JEANNE ST. LAURENT were both from Aoste in the Province of Dauphine, the Department of L’Isere, Archbishopric of Belley, in the Jurisdiction of Grenoble, France.  He was the Royal Director of Revenue (Farm Rent and Salt Tax) for this district according to the children’s baptismal records, but he was called “Old Director of the Interior for the King” in the marriage record of his son, Josef D’Hauterive de Valliere, in New Orleans in 1763.

Grenoble is the capital of the Department of Isere located in the southeast Alps region of France on the bank of the Isere River.  It is a mountainous region with a group of fortresses guarding the city from strategic points on the slopes of Mont Rochais.

Jacques and Marie Jeanne (her name on the children’s baptismal records is Marie Laurent) D’Hauterive are said to have had twelve children.  It is also said that four of their children came to Louisiana about 1750-1760 in the service of the King of France.  One is thought to have returned to France (maybe Louis) and the three who are known to have remained in Louisiana were Clair Bernard D’Hauterive Dubuclet, Josef Bernard D’Hauterive de Valliere, and Jean Antoine Bernard D’Hauterive.  This information is from “Dauterive Family” by Pearl H. Kranske in St. Martin Parish History, by Betty T. Pourciau.

From Winston De Ville in Mississippi Valley Melange, Vol. 2: “The D’Hauterive family enjoyed relatively high social rank in France….According to Bill Barron in The Vaudreuil Papers, 1743-1753, at least three, possibly four, brothers of that family were early Louisiana colonists, attached to the military.  By 1751, and no doubt earlier, the D’Hauterive brothers had come under the ‘protection’ of Madame de Vaudreuil, the French governor’s wife, and in France, enjoyed the patronage of no less a figure than Paris du Vernay, a wealthy and aristocratic concessionaire of Louisiana lands.  Their futures virtually assured by such favoritism, often nepotistic, young Frenchmen in a far-away land could scarcely wish for anything more.”

The children of Jacques Bernard D’Hauterive and Marie Laurent, found in baptismal records of the Church of St. Didier in the Municipal Building in Aoste, France, and personally copied by me, include:


2. MARGUERITE FRANCOISE BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE was born in 1732 and baptized on March 29, 1732 in St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, France.  She was sponsored in baptism by Monsr. Pierre Foriet, Collector of the taxes at the bridge of Bonuoisin, and Me. Marguerite Varnet.  The baptism was witnessed by Cartora and Delestra, the priest.

3. PIERRE JACQUES BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE (DE VALLIERE) was born in 1735 and baptized on August 1, 1735 in St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, France.  At his baptism his godfather was Mr. Pierre de Lagarde, Squire, consellor deferred of the King’s crowned house of France and the financial treasurer collector general and paymaster of Morestel in the city hall in Gravis and seer of the farms in general of his Majeste, and his godmother was Dame Marguerite de Boissac, Comtesse de Leyssins.  The baptism was witnessed by Dedelay and Claudal, the priest.

Jacques married Marie Rigaud in 1760 in Aoste.  A marriage record, dated April 8, 1760, was found in the Grenoble Archives in Aoste, Paroisse de St. Didier 1627-1792.  Their child was Anne Elisabeth Dauterive Valliere, born and christened on September 20, 1762 in Aoste.  Her godfather was Sieur J.B. Vallin, bourgeois d’Aoste representing M. Potain, “ingenieur de sa majeste”, and Anne Magnien, wife of Mr. Potain.

4. POLIXENE BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE was born in 1736 and baptized on July 28, 1736 in St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, France.  In baptism her godfather was Prior Jean Baptiste Giberd and her godmother was Demoiselle Marie Delestra.  The baptismal witnesses were Boissac de Leyssins, Chimilin Abbot Montaleon, Cure of Gran??, Delestra and Claudal, the priests.

5. JEAN VICTOR BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE was born in 1739 and baptized on October 4, 1739 in St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, France.  At the baptism his godfather was M. Pierre duBois Coner, ?? of the King’s guard, Minotte in the chancellery near the parliament of Dauphine and precursor of the same parliament, and his godmother was Delle Francoise Dupuis.  The baptism was witnessed by Minotte, Roche, Roese and Delestre, the priest.

6. CLAIR BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE DUBUCLET (Chapter 3 – no birth record found)


Other children, found in Parish of St. Didier records on the Internet by my friend, Gaston Dessornes, were:

8. PIERRE D’HAUTERIVE was born in 1727 in Aoste and baptized there three days later.  His godparents were Pierre Coliere, ecuyer, and Louise de Longecombes.

9. MADELEINE SIMONE BERNARD D’HAUTERIVE was born in 1733 in Aoste and baptized there the next day.  Her witnesses were Pierre Roche, Capitaine Chatelain d’Aoste, and Clemence Moret.

NOTE: The family name may be Bernard, and D’Hauterive, Dubuclet and Valliere may be estate names.  The American Canadian Genealogist magazine explains that the “eldest son bore the father’s name – other children, especially the sons, chose a different name for themselves, ordinarily from objects of nature or places where they resided, then adding the word “dit” to the father’s name.  In time the adopted name predominated.  This presented confusion and thus each male child became the head of a distinct and separate family.”

The D’Hauterives had their children baptized in the town of Aoste which is about a one-hour drive north of Grenoble, France.  A town called Hauterives is in the Province of Drome, several miles east of Grenoble in southeastern France, above the town of Romans and east of the town of St. Vallier.  There is also a town named Auterive in Department D’Haute-Garonne, not many miles away from Aoste, France.

Recently, my friend, Gaston Dessornes, discovered a website on the Internet (www.genweb.inria.fr/roglo?lang=en;i=1878) which traces the family of Gaspar de Bernard de Marigny, the Lord of Marigny, from about 1645.  One of Gaspar’s children was Noel de Bernard de Marigny and he appears to be the grandfather of a certain Jacques de Bernard d’Auterive who died in Morestel, France.  The genealogy claims that Jacques is the father of Jean Antoine Bernard d’Hauterive, Josef Bernard d’Hauterive de Valliere and Clair Bernard d’Hauterive Dubuclet.  I have no way of verifying this information, but it is certainly interesting.


  m. Marie Jeanne St. Laurent – The Bouligny Family and Allied Families, by Fontaine Martin, says m. Aoste, FR

  c. Said to have had 12 children – 9 are known

The following 6 birth & baptismal Recs (except for Clair Bernard D’Hauterive) were found by the author in the Municipal Building in Aoste, FR

1. Jean Antoine Bernard D’Hauterive

     b. 7 Aug 1728, Aoste, Province of Dauphine, Diocese of Belley, Grenoble, FR

     bt. 11 Aug 1728, Church of St. Didier, Aoste, FR, #1558; s. Sieur Jean Antoine Morandi,

Collector of Farm & Salt Tax for Royalty at Morestel & Dame Genevieve Obanel (copy of original bt. Rec is in my files), witnesses were Libel & Roche (Coche?)

     d. 25 Mar 1776, IBER, bu. Church of the Ascension Cem., Donaldsville, LA, BR SAC-ASC-1, 175d – a cert. copy of the Burial Certificate is in the Kuntz Collection of Tulane U., NO

     m. 1 May 1764, NO, MCD dtd 1 May 1764 #8693, LSM, U.S. Mint, NO; Elizabeth Sabine

Josephe de Montault de St. Civier de Monberaut, b. 25 Feb 1748 NO, NO SAC, bt. 13 Aug 1750 NO, NO SAC, d. 19 Nov 1811 NO, NO SAC, bu. 20 Nov 1811 St. Louis Cem., NO, ASP II-821 & NO SAC; d/o Henri Aime Elizabeth Montault de St. Civier de Monberaut & Francoise Laurence Le Blanc (Chapters 5-A & 5-B); Elizabeth m. <2> 4 May 1779, ATT in civil ceremony, SMOA-1, Jean Baptiste Degruy; s/o Jean Baptiste Antoine Verloin Degruy & Marie Therese Aufrere (Chapter 5-A)

     c. 4 children (Chapter 5)

2.  Marguerite Francoise Bernard D’Hauterive

     b. 2 Mar 1732, Aoste, FR

     bt. 29 Mar 1732, St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, FR, #1800; s. Pierre Foriet, Collector of the rent at the bridge of Bonuoisin (Gonvoisin) & Marguerite Varnet, witnesses were Cartora & Delestra, the priest

3. Pierre Jacques Bernard D’Hauterive (de Valliere)

     b. 31 Jul 1735, Aoste, FR

     bt. 1 Aug 1735, St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, FR, #1985; s. Pierre de Delay DeLagarde, finance consellor to the King’s house & the crown of France, general treasurer and paymaster of Morestel in the city hall in Gravis and “fermiers generaux” of his Majeste, & Lady Marguerite de Boissac, Contesse de Leyssins, witnesses were Dedelay & Claudal, the priest

     d. 7 Feb 1771, Aoste, FR, Bt. Rec

     m. 8 Apr 1760, Aoste, FR, Aoste, Paroise de St. Didier, 1627-1792; Marie Rigaud, b. @1840 Chimilin, FR

     c. One known child

A. Ann Elisabeth D’Hauterive Valliere

     b. & bt. 20 Sep 1762, Aoste, FR; s. Sieur J.B. Vallin, bourgeois d’Aoste representing M. Potain, “ingenieur de sa majeste”, & Anne Magnien, wife of Mr. Potain

4.  Polixene Bernard D’Hauterive

     b. 27 Jul 1736, Aoste, FR

     bt. 28 Jul 1736, St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, FR;, #2036 s. Jean Baptiste Giberd & Demoiselle Marie Delestra, witnesses were Boissac de Leyssins, Chimilin Abbot Montaleon, Delestra & Claudel, the priests

5.  Jean Victor Bernard D’Hauterive

     b. 3 Oct 1739, Aoste, FR

     bt. 4 Oct 1739, St. Didier’s Church, Aoste, FR, #2194; s. Pierre Dubois Coner, notaire garde minute at the chancellery for the Parliament of Dauphine & procureur of the same parliament, & Delle Francoise Dupuis, his wife, witnesses were Roche, Minotte, Roesa & Delestra, the priest

6.  Clair Bernard D’Hauterive Dubuclet

     b. @ 1740, FR

     d. 25 Dec 1813, SM, SWLAR, bu. St. Martin de Tours Cem., SM

     m. MCD dtd 23 Mar 1773 in files of J.B. Garic, NO Notary 4:99 & NONA; Marie Mathilde Bienvenu, b. 5 Jun 1754 NO, d. 26 Sep 1829 SM, SWLAR, bu. SM Cem., SM, SUCC may be #1994 SM; d/o Antoine Bienvenu I & Marie Marthe Devince (Chapter 3-A)

     c. One child (Chapter 3)

7.  Josef Philippe Bernard D’Hauterive de Valliere

     b. 7 Jun 1742, Aoste, Province of Dauphine, Diocese of Belly, Grenoble, FR

     bt. 11 Jun 1742, Church of St. Didier, Aoste, FR

     d. 15 Aug 1797 – also reported as 1798/9, believed to be buried at NO, Will dtd 6 Nov 1796 in files of Pedro Pedesclaux, NO Notary 28:598, Rec in Kuntz Collection at Tulane U., NO

     m. 17 Nov 1763, NO, NO SAC, LSM & SCR, MCD dtd 10 Nov 1763 NO; Marie Felicite de Morand, bt. 5 Feb 1746 NO, d. 18 Feb 1832 or 1806, GPHS; d/o Charles de Morand I & Rene de la Chaise (Chapters 4-A & 4-B)

     c. 8 children, only 4 are listed as his heirs in 1841 Power of Attorney in GPHS Bulletin, Apr 1989 (Chapter 4)

Two more D’Hauterive children have been found in the Recs of the Parish of St. Didier in Aoste, FR on the Internet by my friend, Gaston Dessornes:

8. Pierre D’Hauterive

     b. 16 Jun 1727, Aoste, FR

     bt. 19 Jun 1727, Aoste, FR; s. Pierre Coliere, ecuyer & Louise de Longecombes

9. Madeleine Simone Bernard D’Hauterive

     b. 22 Jul 1733, Aoste. FR

I have reason to believe that another brother, possibly called Louis D’Hauterive I, came to Louisiana about 1750 with his three brothers, Jean Antoine, Clair and Josef “in the service of the King”.  There is a Louis Dauterive and his wife, Genoveva, on the New Orleans Census in 1791.  One story says that Louis I   returned to France where he married and had several children.

The 2006 Minister of Culture for the French Government, Arnaud D’Hauterive, claims descendency from a Jacques D’Hauterive who was born about 1800 in New Orleans and was possibly a son of Louis D’Hauterive I and Genoveva.  Jacques married Esther Guillon, a native of Louisiana, and they both died before 1890, possibly of yellow fever, in Louisiana.  They had a child, Louis D’Hauterive II, who was born in New Orleans and moved to France in 1893.

The “Extrait du Registre D’Immatriculation”, dated 6 Aug 1893 from Beziere in the Department of L’Herault, FR, states that Louis II, age forty-five, was born on June 13, 1849 in New Orleans.  His father is listed as Jacques, his mother as Esther Guillon, and his wife as Elisa Ximenez, age nineteen from Spain.

The “Extrait du Registre des Actes de Deces de l’an 1905, #312” from the Maire de la Ville de Bordeaux records the death of Louis d’Hauterive II, age fifty-six, on April 4, 1905 at four o’clock on the Rue de la Gare.  Louis is described as an “inginieur oenologue” (the literal translation is “engineer winemaker”), a native of New Orleans, and the husband of Elisa Jiminez.

If the above were true, then Arnaud D’Hauterive’s complete genealogy (part of which he has shared with me) would look like this:

Louis D’Hauterive I

  b. 1724/45, FR – came to Louisiana in 1760 – later returned to France

  m. Genoveva ??

  c. One known child

I. Jacques D’Hauterive

     b. @1800, NO

     d. Maybe before 1890, LA, of yellow fever

     m. Esther Guillon of LA, d. before 1890 LA

     c. One known child

1. Louis D’Hauterive II

     b. 13 Jun 1849, NO or possibly NI

     d. 4 Apr 1905 or 6 Jun 1906, Hotel Terminus, Bordeaux, FR

     m. 14 Feb 1893, District de San Miguel, Spain; Elisa Maria Salome Cicero y Jimenez,

b. 30 Oct 1875, Spain; d/o Francisco Cicero y Battles & Teresa Jimenez y Argudo

     c. One known child

A. Comte Louis Auguste Jacques D’Hauterives – Had dual nationality in 1913, joined FR Army in 1916 (WWI), called Private Secretary on ID card

     b. 1 Jul 1896, 293 Rue de Paradis, Marsailles, FR – on Carte D’Identite of FR

     m. 1919, Braine, FR; Madame ??, b. Braine, FR

      c. 4 children

1) Jacqueline D’Hauterives

     b. Before 1932, Braine, FR

2) Arnaud D’Hauterives – He states that his ancestors are from the Comte of d’Hauterive (Drome, FR) in XI Century where the family fort is still standing in ruin; on 2 Oct 1996 he was made “Secretaire Perpetuel de l’Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, FR”

     b. 26 Feb 1933, Braine, FR

     c. 3 children: 2 boys & 1 girl

3) Chantal D’Hauterives

     b. Before 1934, Braine, FR

4) Landry D’Hauterives

     b. After 1934, Braine, FR

More research must be performed to prove or disprove this relationship.


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