Mission Update:  The Attakapas Historical Association is creating new opportunities for users and members to participate.  You may now self-publish via our online AG submissions page – We have re-tooled the Attakapas Gazette,  allowing users to actively participate in the exchange of ideas, knowledge and interests relevant to the central Acadiana region of South Louisiana.   The AG welcomes a broad variety of submissions including:  • scholarly articles • essays • reports on ongoing research projects • interviews • reflections • literature reviews • photo essays • genealogical documents • and oral histories.  Check it out.

Join us if you are not already a member.   Register.   Once registered, share your ideas, knowledge and interests relevant to the central Acadiana region of South Louisiana with others.  We can all look forward to watching a leading journal of local history, culture, and genealogy for the southwestern Louisiana continue to improve and grow.

Our Chartered Mission:   The Attakapas Historical Association

★  Providing a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, and nonpolitical organization that is interested in history, genealogy, landmarks, and traditions.
★ Collecting, procuring, and better preserving significant facts, records, documents, and materials relevant to the natural, aboriginal, civil, and social history of the Attakapas country.
★ Having obtained such materials, to cultivate and disseminate an awareness of their value, believing that in doing so, public knowledge, goodwill, and mutual understanding may be promoted.


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