Welcome to the revived Attakapas Historical Association and its publication, the Attakapas Gazette.
The Gazette had a long first run: from 1966 to 1996 it presented articles about a variety of subjects, including history, biography, folklore, and genealogy.  Many young scholars published in the Gazette, among them Carl A. Brasseaux, Barry Jean Ancelet, James H. Dormon, and Mathé Allain.
For a number of reasons the Gazette slipped from being a quarterly to an annual; then it ceased publication entirely.  Wisely, however, Professor Glenn R. Conrad of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette — who had been closely associated with the publication — deposited the defunct journal's assets in a bank account, hoping that someone, at some time, would resurrect the Gazette.  The newly reconstituted Attakapas Historical Association has done precisely that.  With the cooperation of the university's Center for Louisiana Studies, which Conrad oversaw from its founding in 1973 to his death in 2003, the AHA has brought the journal back from extinction.
In reviving the Attakapas Gazette, the AHA chose to forego the trouble and cost of printing an actual physical copy of the journal and, instead, to go entirely digital.  The result is www.AttakapasGazette.org, which will serve as the publication's virtual headquarters.  New quarterly issues will be released through this site, which readers can use to submit articles of their own for consideration.
The AHA hopes you enjoy the new Attakapas Gazette and find it as indispensable as the original publication.


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