The Attakapas Gazette is back, and with great news for AG users.  The entire website has been upgraded with an emphasis for easy navigation and to allow users to self-publish content in the prestigious Attakapas Gazette, becoming published authors, playing an active role in a very unique cultural community.

Users, AG subscribers may now submit content related to regional topics directly from a link which is found at the bottom of every page of the AG website – including this one.  Go ahead and scroll down to check it out.  Oh, and while you are looking at the bottom of the page, you will see our simple little donate button, which can be used at any time to show support and appreciation for the AG and help pay for our online digital activities.

The AG welcomes a broad variety of submissions including:  ★ scholarly articles ★ essays ★ reports on ongoing research projects ★ interviews ★ reflections ★ literature reviews ★ photo essays ★ genealogical documents ★ oral histories ★

We want to make it convenient and easy, allowing AG users to become active participates in the exchange of ideas, knowledge and interests relevant to the central Acadiana region of South Louisiana.  By doing so, you will be directly contributing to the historically valuable body of work of the Attakapas Gazette Archives, and fostering the dynamic cultural identity of Acadiana.

The rules are simple and logical:

• Content should be related to regional topics. Submitted content should be presented in an accessible and suitable manner for a diverse audience, including children.  Remember that general professional and personal rules of etiquette hold true online as they do in person.

• We are requesting that submissions be made by registered users here on the AG.  If you have not registered, you may register here.  There are no fees for Registration or for Submissions.

• Before submitting, please read and follow the Submission Guidelines. 

Gather, organize and format your materials, and post in a responsible manner.

Please note:  The AHA reserves the right to monitor and edit submissions for appropriate content.  By submitting, Authors transfer copyright of accepted work published in the Attakapas Gazette to The Attakapas Historical Association.  The AHA is, however, pleased to grant authors permission to reprint their submissions.

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