The Attakapas Gazette is the fifty year-old publication of The Attakapas Historical Association, whose mission is to provide a non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-political platform for the collection, procurement, and preservation of significant facts, records, documents, and materials relevant to the history, genealogy, landmarks, and traditions of the central Acadiana region of South Louisiana.

In keeping with modern standards, the Attakapas Historical Association has recently made the publication entirely digital. This site will serve as the publication’s virtual headquarters. New issues will be released here, including non-print media that the original publication was unable to support, such as audio, video, and various interactive elements.


Here are what some of our board members and supporters have to say about the Attakapas Gazette:

“For decades, the Attakapas Gazette served as the leading journal of local history, culture, and genealogy for the southwestern Louisiana. It’s content provided valuable insight into our area’s peoples and their lives.  It is wonderful news that it is now reemerging in a new, yet no less significant, form.”

—Dr. Michael Martin, Director of the Center for Louisiana Studies,
Professor in History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette,
Attakapas Historical Association Board Member

“I can say I’ve literally examined every page of the Attakapas Gazette’s numerous back issues: I made sure to do so when researching my most recent book, because one never knows when the Gazette will yield of gem of vital historical, genealogical, or anthropological data.”

—Dr. Shane K. Bernard, Author and Historian,
Friend of the Attakapas Gazette


While we expect to have new content up very soon, in the mean time, we invite you to explore our archives and previous web volumes.


The Attakapas Gazette welcomes a broad variety of submissions including: scholarly articles, essays, reports on ongoing research projects, interviews, reflections, literature reviews, photo essays, genealogical documents, and oral histories.

We are especially interested in works that deal with regional topics in an accessible manner suitable for a diverse audience; as such, submissions must be clear and jargon free while retaining the high standards of the Gazette and the Association.

Full-length essays and articles typically run about 10-15 manuscript pages (2,500-4,000 words), and shorter works run 5-10 pages (1,500-2,500 words). In preparing your manuscript, please double space and use 12-point Times New Roman font and 1.25-inch margins (left/right). For works of academic scholarship, citations should be numbered sequentially and placed at the end of the article as endnotes; consult the Chicago Manual of Style for formatting questions. Academic scholarship will be peer-reviewed by outside experts in the pertinent field, while all other submissions will be reviewed by the in-house editorial staff.

Illustrations, photographs, maps, videos, and sound bites are encouraged, and will be included whenever possible. Photo submissions should include high resolution (at least 300 dpi) images, along with captions for the images submitted. Photo/video essays, as well as other non-standard print media submissions, must include an introduction of 200–300 words. Authors are responsible for any permissions necessary pursuant to publication.

Authors transfer copyright of accepted work to the Attakapas Gazette, but the Association is pleased to grant authors permission up their request to reprint their essays. Authors can expect a decision regarding their submission within two months.

Please send your submissions and inquiries to: lestertisdale@gmail.com.